Tobias Voigt

Managing Partner

Since his admission to the bar more than fifteen years ago, Tobias accompanies complex engineering and construction projects worldwide as a competent legal advisor within infrastructure, energy production, mobility and process engineering industries.

He has a strong focus on renewable energies, in particular on- and offshore wind and grid connections as well as solar projects. Tobias accompanies his clients in the all project phases like e.g. tendering, construction, project transactions and litigation. Clients appreciate his outstanding negotiation know-how and, in addition to his legal and technical know-how, which he acquired through his direct involvement into projects over one and a half decade. Tobias is experienced in (FIDIC) DAB procedures and he works as party appointed arbitrator. Especially the numerous public and in-house seminars under the subject “Contract Management in engineering and construction” have facilitated a close connection to present questions/challenges of the industries. Since 2003 he has trained more than 3,000 participants.

Areas of law

  • International construction law (co-leader in the working group International Construction Law in the ARGE Construction Law of the German Bar Association)
  • International business law
  • International commercial and corporate law
  • International model contracts and standard conditions (e.g., FIDIC, NEC, LOGIC, BIMCO, Orgalime, NSC, Norsk Standard, ÖNORM B 2110)
  • German public and private construction law, VOB / B
  • Procurement law
  • IT outsourcing contracts according to ITIL standard


  • On- and offshore wind industry
  • On- and offshore grid connection and grid expansion projects
  • Offshore cable laying (especially supranational interconnectors)
  • Civil construction
  • Plant construction
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Transport sector, in particular semi-automatic and fully automated driverless subways (GOA 2 – GOA 4)
  • Industrial fire protection