Alexander Kruse

Managing Partner

Before founding CARNEADES Legal together with Tobias, Alexander held earlier counsel positions at Nordex and Vattenfall and in an infrastructure law firm.

He advised on various real estate and wind power projects, e.g. wind farms and real estate M&A transactions, supply chain restructuring, management of serial defects, restructuring of contract and claims management and also held positions as senior commercial project manager. He conducted contract and claims management for several offshore wind farms, has successfully set up a compensation claim and assuring access to compensation funds for a 288 MW wind farm in the North Sea. Within final development projects he helped to assure grid access („Kapazitätszuweisung“) and procurement for several EPCI contracts for further wind farms in the North Sea.

Within early development and regulatory affairs assignments he was concerned with several questions with regards to EnWG/System Change/ONEP, BFO, “Kapazitätszuweisung” and StuK4.