5th Offshore Dispute Resolution Committee (WFO ODRC) Meeting held, draft of WFO Expert Rules

Monday, April 11 was an important date for the WFO members and the leaders in the Offshore wind market to meet again for the 5th Offshore Dispute Resolution Committee meeting and witnessing the launching of the first draft of WFO Expert Rules for discussion amongst the members.

The meeting was opened by Committee Chairman Tobias Voigt who gave a recent update vis-à-vis the ODRC development. He shared with the audience the latest status of the Expert List and informed about the advancement of the consolidation of the list especially by the recent admission of new international profiles from France, US and Australia. Tobias communicated about the promising feedback he received from major stakeholders from all over the globe and painted the impressive growth of the number of applications received by WFO.

A first draft of the WFO Expert Rules has been then presented by Dr. Christian Knütel, the Co-Chairman of ODRC, who seized the occasion to tackle some key ideas around the rules drafted by WFO and engaged a fruitful discussion with the WFO members. The latter exchanged about the idea and gave some remarks about the draft and shared their point of view about several chief elements to consider.

Tobias and Christian closed the meeting by proclaiming the agenda of the ODRC for the upcoming weeks. Both chairmen ended by sending an open invitation to the WFO members so as to the practitioners of the industry to provide their comments, feedback and suggestions with regards to the presented draft of the WFO Expert Rules and invited the members to share their input on the rules in order to be taking into account while finalizing the ultimate version of the WFO Expert Rules.